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The Central Badung Market is located in the central part of Denpasar city. Traditionally, this market was designed to function in the day time only. But, due to the development of Denpasar Municipality, unpredictably the market has grown into a 24-hour market which supplies the multi-sector demands of people. the vendors, consumers, and workers who are mostly the Balinese, are effected. The workers are segmented into morning-, evening-, or night-time workers. The night-time workers were originally from Denpasar only, but now days they are young people from outside of Denpasar, such as from Gianyar, and Badung sub provinces. Some of them still at formal schooling. The 24-hour functioning of this market is affecting the normal activity of the Balinese. Is it well designed or has it just accidently accured?. One thing to remember is that this 24-hour market seems to have been prepared with-out planning, but isntead has it grown automatically. The problems encountered are: a) formal schooling for the young Balinese in Denpasar is disturbed, due to the need for night-time workers as carriers in the market till late evening; b) disturbance of the normal biological clock of people nearby the marker, due to it being busy and noisy for 24-hour. The positive impacts are: a) a 24-hour market opening up job opportunities for people nearby; b) strengthening the accessibility to food stuffs in all parts of the small market at the grass roots levels in Denpasar Municipality; c) the stakeholders involved in the market automatically synchronize themselves into 3 shift works, morning-, evening- and night shift work. The conclusions drawn are: the 24-hour Badung market is built based on filling the need and bridging the gap; this market creates job opportunities for local people nearby; and strengthening supplies of good and fresh food stuffs to the lower level of the market which is more accessible to people in general. It is suggested that the government should be actively involved in monitoring the negative impacts as well as the positive benefits of this market to the Balinese.

24-hour society; night-shift work; traditional market, central Badung market

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30 April 2019


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