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This article was written as a result of research that examines the values of character education in Wedhatama manuscript by KGPAA MANGKUNEGARA IV (1811-1881), which is associated with the teachings of Hinduism. The research is a qualitative research that applies the literature approach/library research. The data analysis was done through the following steps: data reduction, data classification, data display and conclusion. The results of this study shows that the character education values that based on the teachings of Hinduism in Wedhatama manuscript are: 1) the religious values that teach about catur sembah, 2) the value of honesty that emphasis on a good thoughts, words and action, 3) the value of tolerance by emphasizing on the teaching of mutual respect , 4) the value of discipline to control the passions, 5) the value of hard work, with emphasis on persistence and tenacity.

Character Education, Wedhatama Manuscript

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08 October 2019


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