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echnological advancement affects human lives especially children. Therefore, parents play a very important role in educating their children to use technology in their daily lives. This study aims to describe the role of parents in providing education to children in the use of technology. This study applies descriptive qualitative method, where the data is collected through observations, interviews and documentations, which then analyzed qualitatively. The finding shows that: 1) technology advancement has positive and negative impacts on children, 2) internet use has both positive and negative impacts on children’s development, 3) parents could address the technological advancement for children by doing supervision and direct the use of good and right technology.Based on the findings, it can be inferred that parents should have enough knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of technology, ability to educate children in using technology, and ability to manage the use of technology for children, so that, the use of technology becomes something that is effectively positive for children’s development

he role of parents, education, technology advancement

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09 October 2019


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