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Payas Agung Badung (PAB) wasa kind of traditional Balinese dress. There were two types of PAB, namely for men and for women. Its composition consisted of a headdress and clothing on the body. Now the PAB was increasingly popular, and widely used in religious ceremonies such as mapandes (tooth filing ceremony), ngeraja sewala (puberty rites-of-age), pawiwahan (marriage ceremony), and mamukur (one of the series of pitra yadnyaceremonies), regardless of caste, the clothes could be rent without buying it. The problem was that in women; PAB usage was more complicated, it took a long dresser. During the PAB wear the wearer feel discomfort as a result of its usagewas too tight around their body. Also during wear PAB wearer impossible to urinate or defecate, because if it happened,they need totook off back the PAB that was already wearing. From the research it could be concludedthat the modification PAB, women could: (1) reduce the workload; (2) reducethe musculoskeletal complaints wearer; (3) reduce the user fatigue; and (4) increase the comfort of dress. From the results of the study, it could be suggested the following matters: (1) The results and benefits of this research could be used by the wearer of payas agung inother areas. and(2) The results of this study could be used a reference for similar research.

payas agung badung, modification, muscle complaints, fatigue, comfort dress

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Jurnal Penelitian Agama

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04 November 2019


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