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The existence of horticulture is becoming a new trend, in the governmental offices, hotels, and at the people houses. The main goal is for the beauty of the surrounding. In Bali, plants have another functions. It can be used as a medicinal plant or ceremonial plant. It is as a part of Balinese culture. Lately, there is a great worrying about the extinction of some medicinal, and ceremonial plants, which is caused by the development conducted. In regards to that, a walk- through study was conducted at State Hindu Dharma Institute Campus, in Jln Ratna, Denpasar. The main goal is to find out how many horticultural plants planted, how many of them are belong to medicinal or ceremonial plants. It is found that there are 70 kind of horticultural plants in the area studied. Among those plants there are about 33 plants (47.1%) belong to the ceremonial plants. Around 34 plants (48.6%) belong to the medicinal plants. Both plants, are used as horticulture, due to they are meeting the criteria for horticulture. The usage of both plants for horticulture, fortunately, benefiting the program of preservation and conservation for medicinal and ceremonial plants. The conclusions can be drawn are: 1) the horticulture in the Campus of State Hindu Dharma Institute, Denpasar by making use of medicinal and ceremonial plants; 2) the medicinal and ceremonial plants used as horticulture almost in a similar amount; 3) there are about 21 kind of plants (30.0%) of the horticulture planted, categorized into a medicinal and as ceremonial plants; 4) the existence of horticulture could be used as a stepping stone for preserving and conserving the ceremonial and medicinal plants in Bali. Therefore, it is recommended that the popularity of horticulture should be maintained, and followed by planting as much as possible the ceremonial and medicinal plants in forms of plant parks.

ceremonial plants, medicinal plants, horticulture, preservation.

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Jurnal Penelitian Agama

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04 November 2019


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