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for a better quality of life, development program should be planned wisely, by Putting all aspects intu consideration. the role of balinese women in the development program is very importance. she participated in all acpect of activities. in-house duty she manage all efforts, such as taking care children and age one, preparing the daily menu, day to day house keeping, daily religious ceremony, and as partner for the head of house hold. she also enganged in out-house activity as a business women, carrier women, profesional women, as well women politicion. balinese women really do that for status and earning as well. in doing that, the conflict role playing are frequently occured and also facing with the gender bias. from the ergonomics point of view, balinese women should strenghtening her status in the family, widening the horizon, be proactive for more oppourtunity in the formal education and working oppourtunity and be more professional in the task assigned. the task in house should be evenly done by both sides family earnings becoming both responsibility, and social welfare and ceremonial program should be taken into the consideration of every party. some weaknesses of women should be overcome and her strengths must be maximized. gender biases given from generation to generation must be thrown away. modernization must coped by. rational metod or approach in which is timely to aplly the SHIP approach. by doing that every balinese women shall actively participated in the development program without losing her identity as a balinese

Balinese Women, Domestic Duty, Women Role Playing, women right

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04 November 2019


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