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Cultural tourism has become the juridical basis of Bali tourism, including giving the spirit of places that become Tourist Attractions (DTW). Tanah Lot Tourism Attraction is one of the tourist sites that prioritizes Hindu religious culture and is managed with the principle of balance as outlined in the Tri Hita Karana concept. Tanah Lot Temple which originally functioned as a holy place for Hindu worshipers, but now its function is increasing as an object of cultural tourism. Traditionally, to enter the Tanah Lot temple, people wear Balinese Hindu prayer clothes, but now wearing recreational clothes, it is not a problem to enter the temple. The tourism culture is expected not to damage the culture of the Beraban Traditional Village which is inspired by Hinduism. Therefore, maintaining the existence of Hinduism means maintaining the sustainability of tourism in the Beraban Traditional Village. By believing in this religious meaning, the cultural changes that have been carried out so far have not deviated from the norms and values of Hindu religious teachings. Although the tourism culture seems very prominent to fill the space in the Beraban Traditional Village, religiosity remains firmly rooted in the life of the Indigenous village which is based on Tri Hita Karana.


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02 June 2022


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