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Religious rituals of people in Hinduism in Bali, using ritual means of ceremony. The means in question are fruit, leaves, fire and so forth, among these facilities is Sarad which is always used in ceremony Panca Wali Krama in Pura Samuan Three District Blahbatuh Desa Pakraman Bedulu. The results of this study consisted of the function and meaning of Sarad In Panca Wali Krama Ceremony In Pura Samuan Tiga Pakraman Bedulu Village Blahbatuh District Gianyar Regency. The function of Sarad are: 1) The Function of Offering, 2) Religious Function, 3) Social function, and 4) The Function of Cultural Preservation. The meanings contained in the Sarad, are: 1). The theological meaning contained in the Sarad can be seen from the concept of Nirguna Brahman and Saguna Brahmanl, 2). Cosmological significance contained in the Sarad can be seen from the use of symbols of the contents of the universe. The form of Sarad in Panca Wali Krama ceremony has a form in accordance with the content of the universe which includes the Bhur Loka realm containing Bhuta Sanga, Bvah Loka containing human, rejang and line, and Svah Loka contains the symbols of Acintya and Ongkara, Dewata Nawa Sangga.


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IHDN Denpasar

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29 May 2019


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