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Yoga is interested in the community widely and is seen to provide benefits to the body, mind and spirits. Either in the East or the West to learn yoga performed by all ages, children, adolescents, adults, even parents. Yoga not only has an impact on physical health but also continues on the health of non-physical / mentality. Deepening learning restorative yoga focuses more on the non-physical aspects of health. Qualitative methodology used an early observation on informants in the yoga studio. That aspects: restorative yoga opens the door to a deeper understanding the body and nervous system, allowing the individual perceives to be a spiritual being. Restorative yoga learning can deepen self-awareness and introspection. Restorative yoga can help to feel safe. Restorative Yoga is helpful in connecting people to God.

non-physical health, restorative yoga, learning.

Jenis Repostori
Nama Jurnal

ISBN 978-602-74659-0-9
Tanggal Terbit
12 January 2017


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