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Reading this new book (title book) about Hindu belief and its rituals, because it provides a comprehensive overview of the many rituals that are guiding the Balinese on their journey to happiness. The rituals described in this book are focused on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana in which the Balinese are rendering love and devotion to respectively God, People and Earth. There are so many rituals related to all aspects of life that even for Balinese it is sometimes difficult to understand the message behind. this book will be welcomed by all domestic and international tourists. By reading this book international tourists will enjoy so much more the unique Bali culture, characterized by spirituality and Tri Hita Karana. With the knowledge of this book international tourists will be touched by the experience of spirituality they are looking for desperately. Don’t worry: international tourists, who once have tasted this spirituality, will come back. Once addicted to spirituality they will revisit Bali just for the one reason to experience spirituality again and again.


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27 February 2017


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